Current Auction Catalogue

Below is a listing of the Lot items for our current auction. If you click on the image of the lot you will be able to view a much larger image or images of the lot.

  • Lot
  • 1
    A Georgian English silver shell shaped snuff box with abalone shell inset panel to top and gilt interior, marks rubbed, £30-50
  • 2
    A 9ct gold cabachon mounted garnet ring, studs and a garnet yellow metal bracelet (a/f), £30-50
  • 3
    A pair of 9ct gold oval sleeve links with engraved initials D.D.R, £50-70
  • 4
    A Danish Skagean Quartz wrist watch with enamelled dial and metal milanaise strap, with four other various gentleman’s watches, £30-50
  • 5
    A 9ct gold wedding band, a 9ct gold necklace and a white metal ring, £30-40
  • 6
    A Lovatt’s of Langley baluster vase with aubergine to blue drip glaze, £20-40
  • 7
    A 9ct gold stick pin mounted two sapphires, £20-40
  • 8
    An Edwardian silver gent’s pocket watch with enamel dial and subsidiaries dial retailed by Joseph Sharpes, Bridge of Brechin complete with Albert and lady’s Citizen white metal wrist watch, £30-50
  • 9
    A Bing & Grondal Danish porcelain figure of a child decorated with polychrome enamel, £20-40
  • 10
    A Copenhagen Danish porcelain figure of a seated girl dressed in traditional costume decorated in polychrome enamel, £30-50
  • 11
    A pair of 19thc crystal thumb cut and engraved ale glasses, £30-50
  • 12
    A 19thc rummer with fleur de lis style etched design on spiral twist and folded foot, £20-40
  • 13
    A 19thc Dutch green etched glass wine glass with chrysanthemum and fern design raised on folded foot, £20-40
  • 14
    A Bronze Age style ceremonial carved stone axe head, £30-50
  • 15
    A set of ten Chinese reproduction Ming dynasty scalloped plates decorated with underglaze blue, restorations, £30-50
  • 16
    A Japanese Okimono carved ivory figure with a drum and another of a fisherman signed to base both 19thc (2), £80-120
  • 17
    A Methven Scottish pottery pig money bank decorated with speckled glaze, £30-50
  • 18
    An Indian carved soap stone figure of Ganesh, £20-40
  • 19
    A Royal Doulton china figure of Wee Willie Winkie, HN2050 and a Royal Doulton china figure Marie, HN1370, a/f, (2), £30-40
  • 20
    A Royal Worcester cane ware ewer decorated with peacocks signed J. Saufell, £50-70
  • 21
    A pair of 1930′s onyx book ends mounted with Dickens figures, £50-70
  • 22
    A Royal Doulton china figure Lily HN1798 and Dinky Doo HN1678 (2), £20-40
  • 23
    A plaster cast masonic tablet, £10-20
  • 24
    An Edwardian crystal ewer with engraved and thumb cut decoration, £20-40
  • 25
    A Murano style glass bell top bottle stopper complete with original box and Epns cork and pourer and Eastern engraved dish and a bronzed coin, Sheffield Town Hall, £20-40
  • 26
    A set of twelve Japanese celadon brown glazed bowls and nine rice dishes, £30-50
  • 27
    A set of ten Japanese scalloped celadon dishes decorated with spray design (a/f), £20-40
  • 28
    A set of eight Japanese scalloped celadon glaze dishes with leaf design (a/f), £20-40
  • 29
    A set of twelve Japanese celadon glaze lotus flower and leaf dishes, £30-50
  • 30
    A set of ten Japanese scalloped shell shaped oval dishes decorated with dandelion style design, £20-40
  • 31
    A Japanese lacquered album containing a set of hand-tinted photographs depicting Japanese life, £30-50
  • 32
    An Eastern lacquered handled dagger complete with engraved scabbard, £20-40
  • 33
    A collection of eight various miniature glazed show cases with a collection of Japanese ephemera including treen spoons, bronze disked tea bowls etc, £30-50
  • 34
    A pair of 19thc miniature engravings with hand-tinted decoration depicting Royal Coronation and a Steam Boat in gilt glazed frames, £20-40
  • 35
    A pair of brass coromandel wood mounted curling stone handles, £30-50
  • 36
    A mixed lot including plated teapots, stand, cake knife, Belique vase, pair of silver mounted crystal salts, treen beaker, matchbox, pair of salts, spoons etc (a lot), £20-40
  • 37
    A pair of Japanese porcelain figures of Guan Ying, and a porcelain figure of a gentleman with fan, £30-50
  • 38
    A Continental porcelain dish with fruit encrusted top and gilt mounts, with transfer printed floral interior, £20-40
  • 39
    A pair of Continental porcelain two handled urn vases with floral encrusted and cherub decoration, £20-40
  • 40
    A Beswick pottery model of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, mounted on Imperial Trooping of the Colour 1957, decorated with a polychrome enamels, £100-200
  • 41
    A Royal Worcester porcelain tea cup and saucer with peach blush decorated with blue tit and a spray design, £20-40
  • 42
    A Sitzendorf style porcelain flower basket with rose and cherub encrusted decoration, £30-50
  • 43
    Two 19thc faceted ale glasses, one a/f and a thumb cut cordial glass, £20-40
  • 44
    An Italian Febland pottery scrolling enamelled decorated tripod table lamp, £30-50
  • 45
    An 19thc pottery seated be-wigged figure Toby Jug with lantern decorated with polychrome enamels, £30-50
  • 46
    Two folios containing a collection of Russian white metal and copper coins, £20-40
  • 47
    A Beswick pottery model of a H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, mounted on Imperial Trooping the Colour 1957, decorated with polychrome enamels, £100-200
  • 48
    A pair of crystal sliced cut and thumb cut decanters and a set of six engraved and sliced cut port glasses, £30-50
  • 49
    A Tuscan vase and a Poole pottery hand painted terracotta jug (2), £20-40
  • 50
    A First Edition 590 of a 1000 Prime Minister Jug bearing signature of Stanley Baldwin and the artist Percy Metcalfe with blue glazed decoration, £30-50

Buyer’s Premium of 17% plus VAT applies to each lot. Artist’s Resale Rights may apply where relevant. Please enquire for details.

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