• Your own little piece of Downton Abbey

    With period dramas hardly ever off our screens from the Edwardian Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge to the 40s and 50s in The Imitation Game and Granchester.  From  Mad Men to The Tudors, we are inspired by the, not necessarily historically accurate, but always visually stunning, representations of days gone by.  The world of fashion and cinema collided once more with the release of The Great Gatsby, producing a plethora of dropped waistlines and beaded flapper style dresses. The film’s portrayal of this era was a sensation and  sparked a revival of the decade for vintage clothing and jewellery.  The easiest way to capture a little of this essence of glamour is with jewellery and buying at auction is one of the best ways of sourcing the look.  Be your own Carey Mulligan with a string of pearls or pearl bracelet…great gatsby

    The simplicity and feminity of Edwardian jewellery in Downton Abbey is easy to recreate.   There are always jewellery items which fit the bill in our Saturday sales or why not try our specialist Silver & Jewellery Auctions (forthcoming Silver & Jewellery Sale 9th May 2015) to find your own special piece.

    Vintage is the best way to capture your own unique style, the craftsmanship and authenticity of one-off items means you never chance anyone wearing the same item, and to justify any expense remember it’s a long-term investment as key vintage items can be handed down and retain – or even increase – their value, now what more excuse do you need!


    A string of pearls with tanzanite and seed pearl clasp were won at our February 2015 auction for £260

    And if you can’t decide just which piece you prefer, be like Kelly Osbourne and wear the lot!   Forthcoming Silver & Jewellery Auction at Ramsay Cornish: Saturday 9th May 2015.  Posted by  S.C. March 2015