• When the Antiques Road Trip came to Edinburgh

    1 The last two Saturdays we were visited for the fourth year running by the Antiques Road trip, this time with Celebrities!!! I waited with baited breath to find out who they were as Susan was the only one who knew and refused to tell me in case I let it slip! After much persuasion, flowers and the promise of a candle lit dinner, she told me what they had acted in but not who they were. It was not until the crew arrived that I  found out the names of the first team. Clive Russell who is currently in Game of Thrones and was in Thor and also Tim Healy , classic British actor most recently in Benidorm. They decamped and setup all their equipment and wired me up with a mike, this is where one has to be careful as the crew can hear exactly what you are saying and it is easy to let something slip or pass comment on  something, only to discover that in three months time, everyone is privy to it ! One should always remember , never speak unless told to when being interviewed. The production team then asked me my opinions on the lots the experts and the celebrities had bought. Now this is never easy as one doesn’t want to be unkind or too harsh, balancing it with what is not your personal taste and dare not say perhaps not of a high value.

    The saleroom was busy as normal with a few seldom seen faces popping in to see who the celebrities were and perhaps get caught on camera. The sale had a wonderful collection of Scandanavian 60’s and 70’s ceramics, glass and furniture and works of art,  all obviously very carefully chosen by someone with a very good eye for design and style. The room had as we auctioneers say a ‘buzz’ and bidding was fast and furious both in the room, on the phone and on the internet. This carried over to the selected lots the celebrities had bought and bidding was very brisk with lots of cries from them as their lots came under the hammer. I have to say that the whole team, including the celebrities were wonderful. It was a pleasure to have them here at Ramsay Cornish.

    Many people think of an auction being a full of people all quietly intent on bidding for their pick of furniture, works of art or collectable. This could not be further from the truth, it can  a social occasion, with friends meeting up coffee in hand, others with children and babies , even a dog or two as well in the mix. We like to think we offer a friendly personal service to all our clients, celebrities or not…

    Martin Cornish