• Stand out from the crowd


    An eclectic interior with Windsor chair and leather Chesterfield, blue and white china, neutral walls, hardwood floors. This look can be put together very simply from Ramsay Cornish. A three seater Chesterfield leather sofa sold for £220 at auction, Saturday 28th March

    Today we are all subject to marketing , from magazines, tv and what advertisers say we must have. We are all too scared to let our individuality out, we see couples and families in sterile room settings, with neutral colours, the sofa, the coffee table and large tv mounted on the wall. There is no room for personality, no challenge, no novels or books on the shelf, no clutter.

    A home is where we live and spend the time we don’t work, we want to feel warm, safe and proud, so why are we so cautious about buying what we like or keeping that old painting that you bought when we had a mad moment at a second hand shop when you left your parent’s home?  In my case it was a stuffed kaymen from a junk shop in Swansea that lost half its tail when one of my mums whippets had a bad day and chewed it off. I still have it.

    I’m not ashamed to say I collect, I love design and beauty and I have been lucky to work for over 25 years in an environment that allows me to indulge  this. It doesn’t take much money to start, all you need to do is look for quality and a workmanship. If you decide you need a chest of drawers for all you winter sweaters, tee-shirts and socks, don’t just go to the big department stores or those retailers that advertise on tv. There are other options. Get on your laptop or tablet and google mahogany chest of drawers, you will be staggered by all the choices, from bow-front, inlaid to bombe fronted and that’s just a few, then there is the period, Georgian, Victorian, between the wars to what we all call retro. The fact they are still here is testament to their durability and build quality. Something that you can’t say about most of what is in offer from the out of town retailers we all know.


    Leather Chesterfield sofa sold for £500 in our Antique & Decorators’ Auction, 28th Feb 2015


    A set of four ladderback country elm chairs sold for £150 in our Antique & Decorators’ Auction 28th Feb 2015

    Surely we all want to feel we have spent our hard earned money wisely and will still have a value years later and buying one at auction has never been easier or better value. You can sit at home in comfort and browse our website, click on a chest of drawers that you like and enlarge it and picture it in that space, book a phone line, leave a commission bid or bid live on the internet if you prefer on the big Antique and Decorators sales, even paying is simple now, with paypal or bank transfer. It really has never been easier to be an individual with that statement piece  or to get that wow factor that will go on giving you pleasure. posted by Martin Cornish, March 2015