• Joan Eardley, recommended exhibition

    This exhibition marks the first major retrospective of Joan Eardley’s work for almost 20 years and includes her observations of street children in the back streets of Glasgow as well as her landscapes painted in and around the fishing village of Catterline on the North-East coast of Scotland.  It is a truly amazing exhibition of her work which places her well on the International stage both as a portraitist and as a landscape painter.  Her landscapes are evocative and stunning often incorporating sand and grasses to give texture and feeling to the works, they are large and expressionist.  Eardley shows the influence of pop art incorporating sweetie wrappers and other materials into her paintings of children.  Full of feeling her work evokes the time she was painting and the experience of the young Glasgow children she chooses to represent.  The exhibition is at the Dean Centre and continues to May 21st 2017.

    Born in Sussex in 1921, Eardley moved to Glasgow in 1940 to study at Glasgow School of Art.  Her paintings of children playing in run-down Glasgow tenements and her drawings and oils of the North-East coast of Scotland are among the most celebrated works in Scottish art.   Her career was cut tragically short when she died in 1963 at the age of 42.

    .eardley landscape