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Below is a listing of the Lot items for our current auction. If you click on the image of the lot you will be able to view a much larger image or images of the lot. Please Note there are two sales currently online, please use the drop down menu at the top of the page to find the sale you would like to view

  • Lot
  • 1
    British Airways Concorde: a set of four aluminium coasters with spindle holder, each with felt backing, complete with compliments leaflet “Made for Concorde by Special EFX of Stratford-upon-Avon….” in original presentation box. , £20-30
  • 2
    A box of early 20th century glass slides, black and white photographs of Colonial scenes, some India, with a small group of coloured slides and a large number ofy of empty wooden and other slide boxes, early 20thc (a lot), £50-70
  • 3
    A large quantity of 19thc and early 20thc photograph albums, various subjects, including architecture, ethnographic, art history etc (a lot), £40-60
  • 4
    A vintage advertising display poster, “Nelson, the tipped cigarette……” 76cm by 51cm, £30-40
  • 5
    A mid-century Voigtlander Bessa folding camera in brown leather case, Voigtar Anastgmat lens 1:7.7 F=10.5cm; together with an Agfa Colour Silette-L, Parator 125 camera in leather case (2), £30-50
  • 6
    A mixed lot of Dinky playworn die-cast cars including military and commercial vehicles, £80-120
  • 7
    A large printed woollen shawl of Paisley type. c. 260cm by 240cm, £40-60
  • 8
    A box of 0 gauge Hornby including an oil tanker (boxed), assorted track, buildings and rolling stock, £20-40
  • 9
    A Compur 3 shutter, made in Germany, £50-80
  • 10
    A Ross, London, Zeiss patent 16 1/2in. no. 14563; together with a Ross London Zeiss patent 14in. lens mounted on a volute shutter no. 935376 by Bausch & Lomb. , £80-120
  • 11
    A Rodenstock Rodagon 1:5.6 f=50mm enlarging lens, £30-50
  • 12
    Carl Zeiss Jena M2.3/15 AP 0.2 lens together with a AUS Jena M4.5/30 Ap.0.1, £40-60
  • 13
    A Switar Super-16 1:1.8 f=16mm H16 RX lens, £200-400
  • 14
    A Voigtlander Tele-Dynar 1:6.3 F=25, 5cm lens, £100-150
  • 15
    Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 5.6/150 multicoating lens, £50-80
  • 16
    A Schneider-Kreuznach Componon-S 5.6/135, £30-50
  • 17
    A Schneider Kreuzman W.A. Componon 4/40, £40-60
  • 18
    A Schneider-Kreuznach G=Claron 9/150; together with a Schneider-Kreuznach Repro-Claron 1:8/55 (2), £80-120
  • 19
    A Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 5.6/75 multicoating lens, £200-400
  • 20
    A Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 1:8/65, £150-250
  • 21
    A Pro Tamron 26mm f:28 1in. projector lens, £200-400
  • 22
    A Nikkor 500mm Reflex-Nikkor 1:8 f=500mm no. 518201 complete with case. , £80-120
  • 23
    A Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Tele-Tessar 1:8 f=500mm lens complete with case, £200-400
  • 24
    A Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 1:4.5 10.5cm lens on a Zeiss-Ikon Compur shutter. , £80-120
  • 25
    A Tewe-Berlin Universal-Motivsucher made in W. Germany, directors view finder , £30-50
  • 26
    A Zeiss 8×20 monocular made in W. Germany, £50-80
  • 27
    A Rodenstock Rodagon 1:5.6 f=80mm lens, £30-50
  • 28
    Siriocam camera adapters for Durst M601 & M605 complete with box, £40-60
  • 29
    A Collection of projector lenses to include Kodak Vario-Retinar 70-120MC; Isco-Gottingen f=100mm; Canon DP adapterx2; Isco-Gottingen f=100mm (smaller version); together with an Akai 200m lens, £40-50
  • 30
    A box containing a mixed lot including Hasselblad pistol grip, Leitz mount, Paillard Bolex filter boxed, Leica filter etc, £50-80
  • 31
    R. Grodenstock Munchen range finder; together with Tewe view finder and a Watameter view finder (3), £50-80
  • 32
    A Cooke extension lens Series III complete with case; together with Mackenzie Wishart daylight slide, exposure calculators etc, £100-150
  • 33
    A collection of filters to include: Nikkor Polar 52mm in case; Cherry Vari-Cross 525; Nikon Polar 72mm with Nikon HN-12; Ca;r Zeoss 1x H2 586 filter for Hasselblad etc, £80-120
  • 34
    A collection of items for an Olympus OM system to include bellows, motor drive etc, £150-250
  • 35
    A Nikon Sk microscope complete with Nikon accessories to include medical mirror, intervalometer etc, £200-400
  • 36
    A box containing a collection of vintage thermionic valves, £20-40
  • 37
    A box containing Leitz Wetzlar projection equipment to include Elmaron 1:2.2/15 lens; Color Plan 1:2.5/90mm lens etc, £100-150
  • 38
    A box containing a collection of camera equipment to include light meters, filters and lenses, £80-120
  • 39
    A collection of vintage film tanks to include a Kodak tank, Paterson and Paterson Universal, £30-50
  • 40
    A Gitzo Gilux Total camera tripod with mono ball mount and another , £40-60
  • 41
    A Bolex Paillard Super Titler, £80-120
  • 42
    A late 19thc German cast iron sewing machine, Junker & Ruh, the base moulded with rococo scrolls in a fitted mahogany case, £50-70
  • 43
    A collection of vintage teddy bears, dolls, soft toys etc, including Topo Gigio (1960’s), a lion and a monkey (a lot), £10-20
  • 44
    Stump of Longniddry (William Watt, b. 1895), a Scottish pottery jar and cover, painted with flowers and leaves against a mottled blue ground, signed to the base. Height 23cm, £70-90
  • 45
    The Bee painter, a pottery jug, c. 1920, of baluster form, painted with apples on a bough, stencilled bee mark to base. Height 11cm, £20-40
  • 46
    A pottery twin-handled cup, c. 1920, painted with floral sprays, signed J. W. Wilson to the base; together with a small pottery covered jar painted with butterflies against a blue ground, painted initials FM to the base. (2) First 13cm, £40-60
  • 47
    Circle of the Bough Studio, a large pottery tyg, c. 1920, painted with a band of geometric polychrome decoration, applied with three green-painted handles, painted initials H.B.N. to the base. 15.5cm, £50-70
  • 48
    A Royal Crown Derby partial tea service, pattern no. 1128, comprising six teacups and saucers, six side plates, a cream jug, an oval serving dish and a cake plate. , £100-200
  • 49
    A group of Royal Crown Derby Imari wares comprising: in pattern 2451, four saucers, four side plates, four circular serving dishes and one teacup; a pair of 1128 pattern dinner or cabinet plates; and a small circular comport. , £80-120
  • 50
    A pair of Eldis opera glasses in leather case, together with two late 19thc gilt metal monocles (a lot), £20-30

General Interiors Auctions: Buyer’s Premium of 18% plus VAT applies to each lot. Fine Paintings & Works of Art: Buyer’s Premium of 20% plus vat applies. Artist’s Resale Rights may apply where relevant. Please enquire for details.

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