• A French Interior

    Antique objects can be constantly reinvented for the modern interior.  The French have always had a chic and stylish way of creating warm and individual interiors.  Here mirrors take on a fresh new look, arranged in a group with different styles alongside each other.  Frames tooimg_0882 can be used creatively with frames set within frames or a large frame used for a small work.  No longer do paintings have to be traditionally mounted and glazed, so many cheaper and more creative alternatives are possible, making a humble picture or photograph appear much more splendid and special.  Old frames often turn up at our auctions both on a Thursday or Saturday , simple rosewood, or heavily gessoed and gilded, ideal to bring a little character to your home.  Mirrors too appear with us every week, they not only give light and depth to an interior but offer an new way to decorate a wall.